Contextualizing our CPD Course Pilots.

From 22 to 26 May 2023, the SUSWELL consortium participated in an intensive week towards piloting our four CPD Courses, with meetings in Gjakova and Prishtina, Kosovo. The meetings were held at the University Fehmi Agani Gjakove and the Kolegji Heimerer Prishtina. An important element was to best integrate our new partners from the Public University of Kadri Zeka Gjakova and the University of Prishtina.

A content focus was on the contextualization of the project's Continuous Professional Development Courses on Health Literacy, Futures Literacy, Interprofessional Work, and Transition Leadership to master their piloting. Our Transition Leadership course, for example, will be piloted in the first semester of the University Fehmi Agani Gjakove's existing Master of Health Management.

Another focus has been set on the ongoing development and facilitation of the project's communities of practice. With it, we visited the premises of the non-for profit organisation Medica Kosova to explore their work to support victims of sexual violence in (post)war. During the site visit, we explored the possibility to elaborate on a social business case that enables (additional) income to (better) sustain the work of the organisation. The meeting closed with the framing of our project's next steps.