Working together to exploit our Change Agent Trainings and CPD courses.

From 22 to 23 September 2023, and from 07 to 09 of November 2023, the whole SUSWELL consortium organized a series of dissemination and exploitation events in Kosovo. The aim was to raise awareness and impact about and through the concept of local communities of practice outside the project partnership. Altogether, more than 200 multipliers were informed and trained. This included stakeholders from education to policy, from stregists to professionals.

A focus was set on spreading the word about the four CPD-courses that support our mission: “Building capacity towards sustainable wellbeing and health, through social innovation in local Communities of Practice". The CPD courses are about Digital Health Literacy, Futures Literacy, Interprofessional Collaborative Work, and Transition Leadership.

Especially the CPD course on Transition leadership is closely connected to the project's Change Agent Trainings. The resources for these trainings can be found at the SUSWELL Learning Platform.

Another useful resource that was exploited during the change agent trainings with external stakeholders in Kosovo was the SUSWELL Benchmarking Tool.